A monthly online membership program curated for women by women

We believe that all women, no matter their size, age or location, should feel empowered to love themselves and use that fuel to design a full, healthy, beautiful life that they deserve. 

Curves Ahead is a monthly online membership program that teaches women how to build strategies around their biggest life goals in 5 key areas and gives them access to the necessary tools they need to help them navigate their own personal journeys.

Curated specifically for all the trials and tribulations that women go through, the program focuses on tackling the "5 Main Pillars of Strength," which include:

  1. MIND

  2. MONEY

  3. BODY



These pillars reflect the most important aspects of every women's life. We believe that if a women feels strong, confident and worthy in at least one of these pillars, she can begin to apply that success to all other areas.

So, how do we do it? Our team collects tested tools, resources and experts in all 5 pillars and delivers them in digital toolkit form every month within the program. A member can login to the website to watch video tutorials, download worksheets and essentially have a one-stop shop for information.  

The member also has access to accountability elements, which includes a closed-Facebook group where members can talk about their journeys and engage with other like-minded women.  There is direct access to our Founders that are curating all of the materials behind-the-scenes and are passionate about guiding women through the program.  And then, we have monthly group trainings that walk members through what they are learning and gives them more one-on-one help with any area they may be struggling with.

The program is completely self-paced. We designed it that way, because we understand that life is BUSY but we are always here for you whenever you're ready to dive into improving your LIFE and ultimately your story.


We pride ourselves on sharing amazing content, giving our members access to knowledgable experts, creating community and building a safe space. 

Curves Ahead's mission is to help all women build a solid foundation rooted in self love, surround them with like-minded women that empower them, and inspire them to lead healthier and happier lives - and ultimately change the world.

Are you interested in joining the Curves Ahed Tribe? The doors to the membership program are currently open to welcome new members in the group. Be sure to join us @CurvesAheadTribe on Facebook and Instagram to stay updated. 

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