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Curves Ahead is a membership program that empowers women to create a concrete path to practice 

living, loving, and leading the life they are in. 

Our members, the Curves Ahead Tribe, experience resources from trusted experts to help them navigate the trials and tribulations of their unique path in life.  We help them build strategies around their biggest goals in four main areas: 



With a completely self-paced model, the tools and teachings in these four core areas are available through our website login access, which introduces new digital courses each season.  We also provide in-person opportunities for our members to come together including master classes, retreats and so much more.

Curves Ahead is a membership program curated by experts to empower and inspire women to navigate the biggest curves of their lives.

Are you done mourning a life you didn't get to live?

Are you ready to expand and grow?

Have you ever fantasized about hitting the open road like in one of those movies to go 'find yourself and your purpose'?  (our favorite is "Eat. Pray. Love.")

Do you want to stop wasting your days and see real change unfold?

Do you ever contemplate where all your best girlfriends have gone or why you're unable to make new ones that last?

doors open Feb 6, 2021

Destination Guides

Just as you would start any journey - there's a lot of planning, strategy, and research involved. Well, we've taken the heavy lifting off your shoulders to organize all the resources that we know will help you achieve your biggest goals.  When you become a part of the membership program, you'll immediately have access to our fundamental teachings that will help you lay the groundwork. You will also be a part of an accountability group like none other.  You'll meet women, both locally and from around the country, that are all supporting one another and sharing their experiences as we go on this voyage together.


Learn the "Anatomy of a Great Strategy" to help you set the foundation for any plan you dream up.


We'll break down goal setting in a simple way that you can implement and track... oh, and have a ton of success!


Our program focuses on four core pillars. These key categories will help integrate all areas of your life.  

4 Core Pillars   

Curves Ahead curates tested tools and resources from trusted industry experts within all four pillar categories to deliver new teachings for you every season. When you log on to the Curves Ahead website you will access video tutorials, digital courses, downloadable worksheets, and more! Our program is a one-stop shop for information on navigating the toughest subjects and life decisions that women face every day. 

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