Ready to craft your career on your own terms but not sure how!?

I've been there!




Ciao! I'm Melissa, aka Coach Missy.


I help women practice self love at work so that they can develop the careers and personal lives they crave, unlike the burnt out supervisors and managers they learned from.


It's a new era in the workplace and we are shaking up the term #hustleculture.


Whether you're ready to step into a new position, tackle launching a side/full-time business or just simply want to pull the reigns on your out of control schedule, let me be the first to welcome you to the curves ahead tribe. 


After studying public relations at Hofstra University, excelling in various managerial roles at the top marketing agencies in NYC and leading million dollar, award-winning communications strategies for companies around the globe, I found myself stressed out, overworked and lacking connection to myself. 


In 2018, after a little over a decade of committing myself solely to my corporate life, I decided to launch a blog which I called Curves Ahead.


It was a creative way for me talk about subjects that mattered to me like body positivity and self care, as well as building a brand for my number one asset - ME! 


2,000+ women began following what I had coined my #selflovejourney and began engaging with the resources I was suggesting or showing up to the events I was a part of. I knew I had something here and was thrilled to be connecting with so many inspiring, amazing women, but I wasn't sure of my path forward. 

During the pandemic I stumbled upon the power of coaching and began working with my own Career Coach. I started mapping out what I wanted for my next chapter of life and moved forward with putting the pieces in place to practice more #selflove in both my professional and personal life. 

I was hungry to help other women to have the same realizations and had a gut instinct that THIS is what I needed to bring to my creation of Curves Ahead. 


I decided to embark on the training to get my own coaching credential and have developed a strategic road map to help others be intentional with their time and their big life goals.  

Today, Curves Ahead is a trademark and a women-owned small business recognized by the state of Maryland, where we are headquartered.


A personal dream come true for me. 

Curves Ahead is a coaching company that provides opportunities for women to practice self love in real, tangible ways because we believe that our professional and personal lives are all interconnected. 


We also offer specific career boosting programs that will take your #girlboss status to another level and we are currently taking new members! 

I believe in: 

Real talk. I am an Italian girl, formerly from Long Island, and I believe that life is too short to blow smoke up anyone's ass (oh yeah, I curse - A LOT). 

My approach to life and business are similar - I keep it real. I don't like to sugar coat my words and I always insist on having hard conversations to ensure I am on the same page with the people that are important. 


I love when people - especially women - can feel comfortable enough to come to me to be honest.  Zero judgement here.  

I believe that in order to get anywhere in life, you've got to first be honest, direct, transparent and REAL. 

I am not about:  

Mean girl bullshit. For many years I have been working on cleaning up my own act in a society that encourages women to compete against one another.


I have always strived to be a 'girls-girl.' Which to me means, I am always about lifting women up and never being fake in my intentions or relationships with others.

You can find me:  

Working! I seriously love what I do and will talk shop with anyone, anywhere. 

But on quiet days when I need a break from it all, you can find me riding shot gun in my boyfriend, Danny's red mini cooper with the top down, listening to classic Motown or R&B.

My 5 year plan: 

Continue to grow in all areas of my life and build a family with my sweet guy. Plus, rock my corporate career while simultaneously run a successful coaching business that helps other aspirational women like me! 

Waking up early on a #Saturday morning excited to work on our project has to be a sign.jpg
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Check out Curves Ahead Coaching to find out what topics and timeframes we currently have available. 

Show me the Coaching Packages

Curves Ahead Coaching

You've always had the power, my dear, you just had to learn it for yourself.

-Glinda the Good Witch, Wizard of Oz

While navigating the curves ahead of my own life and business, I have come to realize that we all live our lives in seasons. 


The projects we take on, the interests that we have, the things we are reading or learning about, the areas where we need a little extra help- all ebb and flow throughout the years. 


Change is constant. And that's how I have chosen to set up my coaching company. I understand that coaching is a tool among many other resources out there, so I have created custom coaching packages for you to come back to when you truly need it. 

I also compile new and interesting short-term, seasonal programs that you can sign up for based on specific topics or areas in which you need a little extra support. 

I aim to help busy working women. Whether you're a corporate go-getter, a side-hustle boss, a full-time owner/founder or just trying to get your goals in-check - there is something for every women. 

PLUS, you'll have the opportunity to connect in a group setting to meet other Curves Ahead Coaching members that will cheer you on, lift you up and help you navigate all the curves ahead.