In 2011, I kicked-off my corporate career in a windowless office job, well on my way to the American dream. 

After many years of long hours, thankless clients, and toxic bosses, I made it to that six figure salary. 


What I found on the other side of all the sacrifices I made, was a craving for a healthy environment to grow, learn, thrive and connect with other women like me. 


I couldn't find an organized outlet for my needs in my small town in Maryland, so I created one and called it Curves Ahead. I declared that I was on a self-love journey to heal myself through self-care. I gathered the best experts, resources and shared what I was learning online. I encouraged women to come together to navigate the "curves ahead" in their lives.


2,000+ women responded and started showing up to in-person and virtual workshops that I hosted. I realized that I wasn't alone.


Then, I began attracting individuals in the workforce and small business entrepreneurs that were overworked, exhausted and didn't know where to turn to make their dreams comes true. They were looking for advice on how to up-level their careers and inquiring about my communications expertise to become #GirlBosses. That's when a new division of Curves Ahead was born. 


In 2020, I pursued a coaching credential with the intention to launch Curves Ahead Coaching & Consulting to start my own business to provide every women with the tools she needs to attain all her professional goals. 



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through storytelling

With the corporate clients that I have worked with during my career, I have seen that the most successful campaigns and brands always have a story to tell and a message of inspiration behind their work. 


For Curves Ahead, our mission is to empower women to promote their passion, craft their career and tell their unique stories. 

Listen to me - it's not enough to just let the work speak for itself. As the dreamer and creator of your business or your career, YOU are the asset. 

As I continue to  work with career-driven women or small business entrepreneurs, I see a few common threads including: imposter syndrome, self-doubt, fear, and a huge lack of self empathy.


I can see it clearly because I've experienced it too! 


Through all of my services and trainings, we are going to uncover what's really holding you back from living the life you envision for yourself.


You'll begin to discover your dreams through your own storytelling. You'll implement strategies and tactics that will put you out of your comfort zone but will build your confidence in ways you never imagined. And you're going to see the results... in your pocket (or in my case, my closet because my entire salary goes to clothes and handbags. Sorry, not sorry). 

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