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Hello Darling,

My name is Melissa DiMercurio, the Creator & Founder of Curves Ahead. I am so glad you found me and want to learn more about this amazing community that I am currently building.

A few years ago, I found myself googling things like:

  • Where can I find help to practice self-love?

  • How do I learn to trust myself in any situation?

  • How can I plan for my future?

  • What can I do to build my confidence?

  • How can I be more productive in every area of my life? 

What I found was a ton of overwhelming resources and a myriad of experts. Luckily enough, I am a girl that loves a good research project. So, I set out to start my own 'self-love journey' and sought out the tools to find some answers for myself. Little did I know this journey would be ongoing and it would ultimately lead me to launching Curves Ahead. 

Since my initial launch back in 2018, I have taken a few wrong curves and headed down dead-end roads. Now, I am getting back to basics of my true vision of helping other women like me find the most trusted experts, tools and resources to help them on their own self-love journey. No matter your age, size or location - you, my beautiful friend, are welcome here. 


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