Hello Darling

A Tribute to my Five Italian Grandmothers

For the loves of my life, and personal angels, whom I've been lucky enough to call my grandmothers: Caterina, Rosa, Josephine, Rose, and Maryann. And for generations of Italian-American women who continue to dream and love unconditionally, whether in this life or on the other side.


Tradition is the DNA of every family holiday gathering and, in our home, food makes up the chromosomes. Our ritual includes trays of delicious treats, wine from the old country, and a loud, lovable group of characters sharing in it all.


Scent is a powerful trigger to memory.  If I could bottle up my favorite, I would call it “Sunday” and it would smell of bubbling tomato sauce, garlic, pasta water, a mix of women’s perfumes, and a little basil thrown in for good measure. 

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