Self Love 101

For Busy Working Women


Hey there, I'm Coach Missy!


Every Saturday morning in June, I am hosting a FREE class series inside the Curves Ahead Tribe closed Facebook group.

I am covering topics like how to: 

  • Practice Self Love in your Career

  • Embrace Your Unique Story as a Professional

  • Release Self Doubt to Grow as a Leader

  • Envision & Manifest your Future

  • Set Attainable Goals & CrushThem


You'll learn how to carve out time for YOURSELF, uncover what's really holding you back in your professional life and create protocols to knocking out your goals even on the tough days. During our time together, I'll be sharing my own personal stories and giving you insights on how I crafted my own #selflovejourney which went on to help me get to the next level in my career, start my very own business and chart a targeted course for my biggest life dreams. 

You will go from feeling stuck and frustrated to empowered by curating your own roadmap to making your dreams happen without wasting any more time.

So, What's Inside the Live Series Classes?

Class One

Practicing Self Love in Your Career & Embracing Your Unique Story as a Professional

When we don't prioritize self love in our professional lives, we end up measuring "good enough" benchmarks that erode at our self worth like how much money we make, the title we hold or how many followers we have on our business page.

Running around trying to be worthy and please everyone is exhausting and often leaves us depleted. Without self love, opportunities quickly arise for unhealthy habits like self-destructive patterns, people-pleasing, self-sabotage. 

Together, we'll dig deeper into where you currently are in your journey and how to set up healthier measurements that you can feel good about in both your professional and personal life.

Highlights in this class include: 

  • What self love is, isn't and why we all struggle

  • How loving yourself can change your life and impact your goals

  • How to start your #selflovejourney and schedule time for yourself every day 

  • Preparing a game plan for even the toughest of days and showing yourself compassion

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June 4 at 11am est

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Class Two

June 11 at 11am est

Releasing Self Doubt & Building  Confidence As a Leader

Have you ever replayed a past mistake in your mind and have felt utter embarrassment right there in the present moment? That mistake could have happened 20 years ago, yet it feels like it happened yesterday. 

That's a testament to the dirty tricks that your mind can play on you. Our thoughts or past experiences can leave us feeling stuck or unworthy which can hold us back in our careers. 


As we start to let go of self doubt and crafting our #selflovejourney, we can build our confidence in the work place. Our gifts and strengths begin to bubble to the top and we begin to find more opportunities that align with our passion, purpose and interests. That's when real doors of opportunity being to open.


Highlights in this class will include: 

  • How to quiet your inner critic and recognize your triggers

  • Learn the power of 'thought work' and evaluate your daily messages a

  • Learn the importance of gratitude and how to practice it 

  • How to build your support team 

  • How to explore who you are and what's important to you as a leader 

Class Three

 Envisioning & Manifesting Your Future 

Just like our lives, our dreams can be flexible and fluid.


You might even find that dreams that you have held onto for decades have totally dissipated and that's okay!

In this class, I will give you the permission to analyze your dreams and explore new ones.

While this all sounds great, it can be really difficult to go with the flow when dreams are interrupted due to forced change or missed opportunities. That's why we have to always be analyzing the trajectory of the road map we chart for ourselves.


In this class you'll learn: 

  • Learn my favorite tool - dreamscaping 

  • How to get really good at managing your own expectations 

  • How to focus on flow rather than force

  • Learn how to set boundaries in your life so that you can make your dreams possible 

  • Map out your 'future self' and show up as her every day


Young Businesswomen

June 18 at 11am est

Cup of Coffee

Setting Attainable Goals & Crushing Them With Accountability 

Now, you might be wondering - what constitutes 'attainable'?  That's a great question. Many of us don't accomplish our goals because we are unrealistic about what's possible when we set them.


We will explore how to make sure that you're not setting yourself up for failure and I'll show you how you can gut check yourself every single time you set a new goal!  

You'll also have the opportunity to talk about everything we've learned, go over our 'Action Items' together and learn the importance of accountability to attain our dreams in our career, business and life!We will also talk about how to acquire accountability as you wrap up the course, so you can keep those goals in motion. 

In this class you'll learn: 

  • How to set attainable goals and measure your progress

  • How to break your 'motivation' habit 

  • The importance of accountability and how to find it 


I'm in! How do I access the classes for FREE!?

Class Four

June 25 at 11am est