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Let me help you design the lifestyle you're after by avoiding toxic workplaces, searching for perks beyond your paycheck and unraveling your truest passions to help you love what you do for a living. 

You will go from feeling frustrated in your job to empowered by
curating your own roadmap to making your dreams happen without wasting any more time and planning for all the curves ahead.

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So, What's Inside the 5 Day Challenge?

You'll engage with action posts each day inside the group, watch exclusive videos from me, Coach Missy, and win prizes along the way while creating a real, doable plan to crafting the career you desire. 

 Embracing Your Unique Story as a Professional and Uncovering Your True Strengths

When we don't prioritize self love in our professional lives, we end up measuring "good enough" benchmarks - often assigned to us by our bosses and supervisors. 

It's time to take back the reigns in our careers, embrace our unique stories, uncover our strengths and learn from the trajectory of our lives.


During this challenge, we'll take stock of where you are currently in your professional journey and where you want to be.


We will set up healthier measurements that you can feel good about and craft a roadmap for the next chapter of your career that aligns with your talents and passions. 

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Building Confidence As an Expert &
Touting Your Achievements

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When we begin to find more job opportunities that align with our passion, purpose and interests - that's when real doors of opportunity open. 


Together, we will push self doubt aside by taking stock of your accomplishments and tweak your career messaging, so you can start touting your talents. I will show you exactly how you can refresh or start your LinkedIn page to find the positions that will support the lifestyle you really want. 

Plus, get access to Coach Melissa's proven tips to landing high-paying roles through LinkedIn - just like she did for her own six figure career! 

 Reimagining and Assessing your Career

Just like our lives, our careers can be flexible and fluid.


You might even find that the aspirations you once held onto for decades have totally dissipated and that's okay!

During this challenge, you will give yourself the permission to analyze your career dreams and explore new ones.


It can be really difficult to go with the flow when our dreams are plans are interrupted due to forced change or missed opportunities. That's why we have to always be analyzing the trajectory of the road map we chart for ourselves and planning for inevitable setbacks.


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Setting Attainable Goals & Crushing Them With Accountability 

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Now, you might be wondering - what constitutes 'attainable'?  That's a great question. Many of us don't accomplish our goals because we are unrealistic about what's possible when we set them.


We will explore how to make sure that you're not setting yourself up for failure and I'll show you how you can gut check yourself every single time you set a new goal!  

You'll also have the opportunity to talk about everything we've learned, go over our 'Action Items' together and learn the importance of accountability to attain the careers we are searching for. We will also talk about how to acquire accountability as you wrap up the challenge, so you can keep those goals in motion. 

 Work with Your Own Career Coach to Build Confidence in your Roadmap  

If you have ever been curious about what it would be like to work with your own Career Coach, this is the perfect opportunity to test the waters. 

Throughout the challenge week, you'll have multiple opportunities to work one-on-one with me, Coach Missy, as well as in group coaching settings. You'll see exactly why working with a Coach is such a game changer.

Dream jobs
aren't found,
they are created! 

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How to Earn Points :

In order to win prizes, you'll earn points throughout the challenge. Here is how it works: 


1.Check into the Curves Ahead Coaching Facebook every day. There will be "Action Posts" for you to participate in over the 5 day challenge. Read those Facebook posts and follow the instructions. I promise, it's easy!


2. Follow along with all of our teachings and videos which will be found in the "Guide" section of the Facebook page. If a new video is uploaded or I go LIVE, you'll have the opportunity to access it there by the end of the day. Be sure to watch all of the Guides asked of you. You will be prompted to do that during our regularly scheduled 'Action Posts.' 


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