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3 Things YOU Can Do Today to relaunch your career 

Join Melissa, our Founder and Career + Connection Mentor, to learn how you can take 3 steps today to relaunch your corporate career in 2021. 

In this class you'll learn: 

  • How to make REAL connections from a certified PR pro

  • How hiring managers make decisions 

  • To create a mindset to help you build a career you love 

  • To implement systems to stay organized in your goals


This classroom style webinar will prepare you to make real moves toward the career you've been dreaming of and be able to ask questions of someone who has been in the trenches and has mentored women to do the same.

You'll also get a FREE look inside the Curves Ahead Tribe and learn more about  the Curves Ahead Membership Program. 

"Finding a job is a job in itself." - Melissa

Ask Coach Tina Anything: holiday Edition

Melissa puts our co-Founder, Coach Tina Fraley, in the hot seat asking questions from members about planning for your biggest MIND + BODY goals during the holiday season. 

You'll learn: 

  • How to focus on a more positive mindset

  • What to say to those pesky food pushers

  • How to get more enjoyment out of every holiday season that is surrounded by food and family 


New LIVE Facebook Q&A's like these are available on our CurvesAheadTribe Facebook page, so be sure to follow along and stay tuned for more.

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