Meet our Founders

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Melissa is a certified communications expert, a plus size advocate, side hustle queen, productivity junkie and a builder of a 6-figure corporate career.

She is on a mission to help thousands of women transform their lives by embarking on a #selflovejourney through ongoing hard work and determination, just like she continues to do.


Melissa is the Tribe's cruise pilot that helps facilitate and organize all of the amazing information Curves Ahead provides its members. She also teaches the importance of strategic planning by utilizing her insights from her decade-long career of helping brands and businesses.


Now, she is applying those same elements to help women  design a customized life they love and can be proud of.



Tina is a certified personal trainer, a masters-level community mental health counselor, has over 20 years of experience as a life integration coach, is a mother of 7 children, a domestic abuse survivor, and a loser of 150 pounds.

Her passion is teaching women how to have a healthy, healed, and happy life. She has worked with thousands of people and continues to share her client's unbelievable results.


Tina is our in-house Mind and Body expert at Curves Ahead. She teaches members the "Mind-Body-Life Roadmap” to set a pivotal foundation that allows members to dive deeper into the program's 5 pillars of strength. She also helps members navigate through the teachings of our guest experts and ensures that everyone has a safe, supportive place to grow.

Our Mission for Curves Ahead

We help our members by gathering informative resources, facilitating access to knowledgeable experts, and creating a safe, supportive community to grow in every area of life. We truly believe that when women individually prioritize their own goals, they can effectively come together to empower each other to lead healthier and happier lives  - and ultimately change the world.