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We map out the Journey 

You implement at your own pace

Inside the Curves Ahead Membership program, you will have access to a community of women - all ages, sizes, and locations- that are rising up, raising the bar and leveling up their lives.


You'll embark on a self-paced journey to learn two fundamental aspects of the program: "Anatomy of a Great Strategy" and the"Mind-Body-Life BluePrint" taught by our experts, Melissa and Coach Tina. 

With your own custom roadmap in place, you'll receive toolkits each month with resources on how to implement your goals, design the life you want and learn how to integrate your 5 Main Pillars of Strength: Mind, Money, Body, Career, and Connection. 

We can't wait for you to join the Tribe and be a part of a growing community of REAL women that support one another on a daily basis. We promise that you'll make new friends, learn new tools, and find solutions to challenges in every area of your life. And we will be with you every step of the way! 

Doors are open until April 10

We believe that all women, no matter their size, age or location, should feel empowered to love themselves and use that fuel to design a full, healthy, beautiful life that they deserve.

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