4 signs that your life is trying to get your attention

I have to admit that I am a big fan of Oprah and her Super Soul Sunday show, where she has soulful conversations with influential people, visionaries and spiritual leaders.

One teaching that Oprah always preaches, and comes up a lot on the show, is that your life is always whispering to you and you just need to be still enough to hear it. She believes that there are no accidents and everything that shows up in your life... it is there for a reason. And what is that reason? To teach you a lesson.

Sometimes we miss the whispers, or the signs, that life throws our way because we are too busy or we just aren’t paying attention.

Here are a few instances to take note of that your life might be trying to tell you something:

1. You’re forced to deal with past hurts.

Often times, experiences in our lives have a way of following us even when we think we have healed or moved on. Yet the truth is, when the hurt first started - we buried our feelings, tried to be strong and never really dealt with the pain. If an old situation keeps coming up, the truth just might be that you still have some healing left to do.

2. You feel the need to delete your social media or be MIA online.

This is the modern way of craving a reinvention of ourselves. Social media is crawling with other people‘s ideas, opinions, and experiences. You might just be tired of the noise. Or you could be craving connection to your own thoughts and want to see the world through your own lenses... and no one else’s.

3. Similar themes come up in your daily life

Have you ever had an instance where a lesson or thought keeps showing up in all areas of your life? Maybe you read a book that focuses on ways to deal with grief and then in the next conversation you have with a friend, she tells you that she’s been coping with a loss. There’s a lesson to be learned in this moment for either current or future reference. Pay attention. Write it down.

4. Answers start easily and inexplicably start falling together

I can’t tell you how many times things just magically come together. Sometimes there are solutions to things that may have been weighing on you and then you realize the answer was pretty easy. You almost feel stupid for not seeing it before. That’s your life’s way of putting things in your path that you need. Grab it and run with it, there is a lesson lurking around the corner.

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