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5 Reasons Why Coaching Will Be Your Secret Weapon in 2022 and Beyond

The past several years have been challenging to say the very least. While many aspects of our lives have been altered, one of the biggest revolutions and constant conversations have been centered around the way in which we work.

With fluctuating unemployment rates and a staggering amount of folks jumping ship to open their own businesses, it can be incredibly confusing on what the right next step is in the trajectory of your own personal career path.

That's why now more than ever, professionals are turning toward coaching as a secret weapon to unleashing their dreams and knocking out their biggest goals in 2022 and beyond!



1. Accountability

Something magical happens when you lean into connection and let yourself be vulnerable in front of others. Incredible things like ideas, inspiration, motivation, and even 'aha-moments' spring up like sunflowers in coaching sessions merely because you have turned to others for a little extra support.

Coaching provides constructive and consistent accountability for even the toughest procrastinators.

Working with a Coach also injects a dose of tough love to ensure you're keeping your mindset positive and healthy, which so many of us need on a daily basis. While there is no judgement if you make a mistake or don’t complete an assignment you set for yourself, there is an opportunity to hold space for the deeper meaning of why you didn’t accomplish the goal and how to love yourself through your journey despite setbacks.

We all set goals and we all break our own plans - WE ARE HUMAN. The real work is figuring out what the blockage was, how to identify it when it comes up next time and how to better prepare to tackle it, which is something you'll unpack with your Coach.

2. Structured Intentional Time for Yourself

Do you often utter - "there aren't enough hours in a day!"

You are certainly right, especially if you are not being intentional with your time. As women, we often leave ourselves out of the schedule and focus on everyone and everything else. When you sign up for a coaching session, you put YOURSELF as a priority on the calendar in ink.

When working with a Coach you’ll be a part of a structure and a process that has defined and successfully proven timestamps. You will also establish clear expectations with your Coach in which you will know exactly what you’re responsible for during your sessions.

You will not only find yourself wanting to show up for your Coach.. but most importantly to show up for yourself.

3. Awareness Around Your Limitations

It's extremely difficult to get out of your own head.

During coaching sessions, your Coach is trained to ask you powerful questions. These questions are designed to get you to think deeper about your obstacles in front of you on a consistent basis which can be uncomfortable at first, but incredibly insightful.

Your Coach is looking for your unspoken truths during sessions and with a whole lot of empathy they will act as a mirror for you to take a hard look at the limitations you have created for yourself.

Most of the time we stand in our own way and put up road blocks where they don't even exist.

(For example, who says you can't have a 6 figure corporate career and run a successful side hustle?)

When you’re gaining awareness around common issues, everyday behaviors or just bullshit lies that you are telling yourself, you'll be able to design an even stronger resistance to obstacles. The quicker you recognize destructive patterns and limitations; the quicker you are to tackling them in the moment. That’s where true growth happens.

4. An Unbiased Outlet

Have you gone home at night wondering if you should have vented to your co-worker or even someone in HR about your boss? We have certainly all been there.

It’s never easy to find an unbiased sounding board, but with coaching you will have completely solved that issue. Sessions are completely confidential and unbiased.

When you utilize coaching as a tool for a safer and more productive outlet you'll discover that you're focusing on more healthier options to get you to your goals even faster (and if you decide to work with me, Coach Melissa, I encourage you to vent, scream, curse and maybe even throw things... in a controlled setting, of course).

5. 5-Star Goal Setting

You’re going to be goal setting like a fucking All-Star (I told you cursing is okay) and its going to be at a level you've never experienced before.

When choosing the right Coach for you, you'll want to make sure you're working with someone who is certified, trained and is the ultimate nerd when it comes to talking about goals. Coaches have typically participated in a minimum of 60 hours of training and 100 hours of practice as a requirement to get their certification - that's a lot of discussion around working with folks on their individual journeys and learning how to support them, so they can achieve their goals.

While all of these reasons seem awesome, it's hard to grasp the true power of coaching without witnessing it in action for yourself. That's why I am offering FREE open office hours inside the closed Facebook group, so you can jump on with me, Coach Melissa the Founder of Curves Ahead, to experience a live coaching session.

A little shy to be on camera yourself? No problem, you can be a fly on the wall to other Girl Bosses' sessions as many of my clients are graciously helping me to showcase just how incredible coaching is for enhancing your career, business and life. To learn more join the Curves Ahead Newsletter closed Facebook group.

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