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a torrid affair: first in-store experience

Updated: Oct 1, 2018

Last weekend, I headed out to the new Torrid store that opened in the Valley Mall in Hagerstown, Md. Admittedly, I had never checked out what the brand had to offer in the past, but always heard about them in the press and on Instagram.

Being an in-store type of shopper, I never had the opportunity to walk into an actual store front until now. So, I truly was a Torrid virgin and was walking into the place with fresh, yet honest, eyes.

Upon walking inside the store - I swear to you - my thought was "finally a cool girl's club that I am actually invited to." The store is freaking gorgeous and felt very high-end with sexy pictures of plus-size models on the walls. (hell yes!) I started browsing the shelves and chuckled at all the nerdy gear (harry potter, star wars, and more). I would later find out that Torrid got its start in 2001 as a Hot Topic Inc. store (thank you Racked for the background knowledge), so that explains its quirky side which I really loved.

I was also very impressed with the fitting rooms. Guys, its an Instagram queen's paradise. The mirror is outlined in LED lighting, perfect for #ootd moments and on one wall there is a huge frame sized metal rack to beautifully hang the clothes and organize them. I don't know about you, but being able to organize my piles is essential to my shopping method. However, the real MVP of the fitting room was the fans blowing cool air overhead as you try on clothes.

Literally, you could stay in there all day. Annnnd that's probably the point.

The moment of truth, of course, was trying on the clothes. The jeans were awesome, I recommend the 'girlfriend' fit. There were so many style and design choices to choose from, that I didn't even get a chance to see them all.

I also tried on a mixed fabric drape front jacket. The leather sleeves have a comfortable stretch to them in the shoulders and elbows - major key for curvy girls. It was also really different and unlike anything I had seen in stores before, which intrigued me.

The dresses were cute, but I have to be honest I didn't feel like they were the best quality. Stretchy and comfortable, yes, but not for the price.

Let's just talk about the pink elephant in the room, ladies. The prices! They're not exactly affordable and quite frankly, I've seen better discounts elsewhere. They did have a good deal on jeans - 30% off each pair, but when the jean price starts out at $70 you are still going to be spending a pretty penny.

I quickly realized that Torrid would become my statement and splurge store. I was impressed with the styles, patterns and overall fashion forward pieces, but couldn't make my $150 shopping day a regular thing. That grand total was for one pair of girlfriend jeans, that amazing drape front jacket and a bracelet. That's it. Woo hoo. (Insert side-eye emoji here)

Upon further investigation, it looks like Torrid's online prices are a bit lower and there are more discounts available, but that doesn't include shipping prices. I would love to hear from readers about their online Torrid shopping experiences, so don't be shy and tell me your thoughts on Facebook, I want to hear them!

Now - before you all start sending me hate mail, because I know Torrid is a beloved brand, I have to say that overall I was impressed. The in-store experience was truly fabulous and you can tell that the designers behind the clothes really think about the best fit for plus-size. That's more that I can say for most plus-size brands.

I would rate Torrid a solid 6 out of 10. Like I said, its a great store to browse for statement and unique pieces. As for the jeans, I feel like I need to go try on more styles to really determine what will work best for me and if its worth the small fortune (guys, $70 for jeans - I better have a designer name on my ass for that much). My hope is that plus-size fashions will become more readily available and more affordable for every budget.

Anywho...Torrid virgin, no more. Wallet, a little sore.

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