Are you planned into your own schedule?

It seems like a simple question. Are YOU planned into your own schedule?

Take a moment to open your iCal or planner and analyze all the appointments you currently have entered for the next several months.

Ask yourself these following questions:

1. How many of your appointments are obligations to others?

2. How many are appointments for yourself (dentist, haircut, etc.)?

3. How many of them are you actually looking forward to?

We get so caught up in the daily activities of life that we often forget about taking time for ourselves. That's human nature especially when you have a lot of fighting obligations - kids, spouses, careers, businesses, etc.

Click on the video below to listen to Coach Tina's experience with one of her clients on this very topic. This breakthrough moment might just be the opportunity that you needed to hear about today. Then take some time to go through the exercise yourself.

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