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curves ahead series: what to expect at the launch party

Updated: Oct 1, 2018

The Inn at Boonsboro's Courtyard

In talking with a Curves Ahead Tribe member this week, I realized that starting a local community movement might be hard, but joining one is even harder. For a lot of you that have been interested in Curves Ahead, a community to empower curvy women through online and on-site activations, this may be your first ever opportunity joining in a local movement.

Over the next several weeks, I'll be providing a blog post series to help answer questions, ease nerves and help guide you through what to expect from being a part of the Curves Ahead community. I will also cover how to get the most out of attending our curated activations, what we are planning in the near future, and much more.

I realized that starting a local community movement is hard but joining one is even harder.

By now, many of you know the reason and story behind Curves Ahead (and if not, you can read about it on my blog post "Caution Curves Ahead"). We are officially launching the Curves Ahead section of the website on Saturday, June 9 and kicking it all off with our Curves Ahead Launch party.

Many of you may have already snagged a ticket and might be thinking - now what?!

First and foremost, I want to let you know that this is NOT a networking event. You won't be expected to hand out your business card or have an elevator pitch prepared. Just come as you are. It's going to be an informal, casual judgement free zone full of girl power. Our team has been working hard to put this community together and we just want to get to know you on a personal level.

Just come as you are. It's going to be an informal, casual judgement free zone full of #girlpower.

We specifically wanted this to be in a small, intimate setting, so that we can literally walk around and talk to everyone there. You'll get to meet me, the ladies of SR Studio and our amazing brand ambassadors. We are all REAL women that live in the community. And you sure as hell know - we live in a small town (and a small world), so there will be people there that you know!

My girls, The Housewives of Frederick County, will be there too! Be sure to get a selfie with these two funny and friendly twins.

During the party, there will be several tables set up with information about amazing companies that we have personal connections with. As we've mentioned Sass Magazine, Dressbarn and Mary Kay will be just a few among them. You can walk around at your leisure and shop at their tables while enjoying a cocktail in the Inn at Boonsboro's courtyard.

Also, I will be jumping up in front of everyone (yes, I'll be nervous - so root me on) to talk about the website unveil, how you can continue to interact with the Curves Ahead community and how both members and businesses can get involved in our local movement.

To end out the event, you'll get to watch SR Studio work their magic and take a final group shot of all our models for the project. You'll also collect your Curves Ahead tote bag as a gift for attending which will be full of goodies from our partners.

Our hope is that you'll walk away from the experience feeling energized by all of the amazing new friends you've made and will be excited to connect with them online - and at our next Curves Ahead event.

Just a few of our Curves Ahead Ambassadors. Real curvy women just like you. (from left to right: Mia, Elizabeth, (ME), Brittany, and Nicole)