Explore Your Own Backyard: Our Weekend at The Beaver Creek Inn & Spa

Updated: Nov 21, 2020

Every year I choose a theme, word, or phrase to intentionally focus my goals on a positive path. When I chose the theme in January from one of my favorite movies, The Wizard of Oz, I had no idea that it would manifest in such unexpected, challenging - yet beautiful ways.

At the end of the film when Dorothy realizes that she had the ruby slippers all along, she proclaims to Glinda the Good Witch, “If I ever go looking for my heart’s desire again, I won’t go looking any further than my own backyard.”

One of those goals was to explore more destinations in my area, which has given me a whole new appreciation for the state of Maryland, where I live. I found inspiration, whimsy and inner reflection during my weekend stay at the Beaver Creek Inn & Spa, where Tina and I embarked on a journey to plan what 2021 would look like for the members of Curves Ahead.

Our experience of being business owners this year has been an uphill battle. When we first launched our membership program we had grand ideas of connecting with our members in-person in fun, unique and life-altering ways. Thankfully, the Curves Ahead program was designed to be digital with curated transformation toolkits delivered to members from certified experts and resources, but in March our dreams of getting to know our members one-on-one had to go virtual due to the pandemic.

As we were helping women to navigate all the curves in their lives, we found ourselves in the middle of the most epic obstacle that we had to figure out how to survive as well. We wanted an opportunity to hit the 'reset button' together at the end of this year to be motivated to dream in color again and, almost magically, we stumbled on the answer just 9 minutes away from where we live and grew up in Hagerstown, Maryland.

Upon arriving to the Inn, we were greeted by the owner, Kelly Hilker-Moler, who helped us get settled into our guest suites where our favorite chilled wine and a fruit plate welcomed us. I stayed in the Silver Maples Suite that featured an open 6-foot soaking tub and a heavenly king size bed. Tina stayed in Northwood Suite that has a private cozy solarium overlooking the Appalachian Mountains - which became the room where we had our working sessions and discussions.

Silver Maple Suite
Silver Maples Suite
Silver Maples Suite
Northwood Suite
Northwood Suite

That evening, we ordered our dinner locally and enjoyed it in the dining room of the Inn. We then retreated to the Spa located onsite for a relaxing head-to-toe body polish massage before bed. (Tina, our favorite hard working momma of 7, took a nice little snooze during her massage. I was happy to hear that she was able to let go and relax.) It was a perfect way to end the day together as we reconnected and caught up on what was happening in each other's lives. Our relationship started and will always remain as best girlfriends, first. We truly care and support one another and we have been told that shines through to anyone that is a part of the Curves Ahead Tribe.

The next morning, we noshed on the most beautiful homemade breakfast of smoked gouda frittata and a flaky cinnamon apple bake while watching the sunrise before we dove into the work. We discussed everything that went right and wrong this year, how we wanted to tweak the program to make it more engaging, and most importantly we wanted to find ways to connect with members in safe, yet more meaningfully ways. I think we have all learned this year that there is no substitution for a warm hug from a friend.

Around lunch time, we escaped outside for a workout on the lawn overlooking the countryside mountain view and later in the evening had a fun s’mores-filled bonfire to celebrate the connection we had rekindled to each other as friends and to our business that we are excited to grow together.

We learned from the owner of the Inn that the house is over 100 years old and was a top to bottom renovation project for her family. Her vision for the entire house was to provide a plethora of healing spaces both inside and outside for its guests. That is evident as soon as you open the front door. The entire house smells lightly of essential oils and every detail right down to the placement of the pillows is a feng shui labor of love. The home’s decor is a blend of spa chic and warm farmhouse. There are spa robes hanging on the bathroom doors in the suites and beautiful old tree stumps to act as an inviting step onto the bed. Every convenience of a 4-star hotel is also incorporated with a keurig, microwave, wine opener, wine glasses and fridge in each room. On the main floors, there are many sweet spots to lounge with a good book or enjoy a game of scrabble with one of the Inn’s friendly kittens curled up at your feet.

The level of hospitality and signature style of the Inn inspired us in an epic way. We began dreaming about how we can serve our members with that same care, comfort and support as Kelly provided for us during our weekend. We are excited about our new friendship with Kelly and have begun discussing how we can incorporate the Inn as a way to connect with our members and get to know new ones. We are continuing to work out the details and will be sharing more information in the new year. So stay tuned by signing up to be a part of the Curves Ahead Tribe.

We have been looking for a safe, clean, welcoming destination that we can provide a unique escape opportunity for our members. A place where they can connect with like-minded women that are ready to step into the next chapter of their lives with confidence.

Personally, I have also been inspired to get back to another passion of mine - writing. I will be continuing to spotlight similar places that have sparked the same healing and empowering emotions with all of you right here on our Navigation blog.

Overall, I walked away from the weekend with a newly inspired mantra. Like Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz, I finally understand the true meaning of there is no place like home and I can't wait for our members to experience this feeling with us in the new year.

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