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gift ideas for your curvy gal pals

Updated: Mar 4, 2019

With the countdown to the holidays drawing closer, you may find yourself scrambling for the perfect gift for all the folks on your list. We noticed that there are a ton of gift guides out there to spark ideas for every person in your life - your mother, brother, auntie, grandpa and even your neighbor.

However, we found that the perfect gift guide for curvy gal pals is hard to come by. Which is no surprise, because our demographic always seems to get left out. So, we said screw it - instead of waiting for one to come along, we'll just create one ourselves!

We hope that these gift ideas ignite your quest to make a fellow curvy girl feel empowered, supported, celebrated, inspired or just plain joyful this season.


Thankfully there is no shortage of plus-size power in the book department. There are so many fantastic body positive books out there these days that are totally NOT your momma's old self help reads. Share an inspiring book from some of the most amazing ladies in the game right now, like Ashley Graham or Chrissy Metz!


We all need daily reminders to keep the love flowing to our damn selves. So, how about picking up a positive quote bracelet from Alex and Ani or ordering a custom design from an Etsy jeweler that your bestie can wear everyday. These simple, wearable affirmations will remind her that she's perfect just as she is and that she has a thoughtful friend that loves her.

cute & Sassy displays

Provide your curvy gal pal with a way to express her pride. A gym bag or mug with a funny, yet supportive saying will bring a smile to her face every time. We've found that the best and sassiest coffee mugs can be found in stores like TJ Maxx, Marshalls and Homegoods, while the popular gym bag is a Bando creation that you can order online. We've also been super obsessed with decorative figurines that embrace curvy girl figures - perfect for a shelf in any bedroom or bathroom.

Out-of-comfort-zone experience

The gift of an experience is definitely an option that takes a bit more planning, but can be rewarding for all involved. Instead of a tangible gift or booking a lunch date, find an experience that you and your bestie can share in together. The more out of your comfort zone - the better! Once you start searching, you'll find that the ideas are endless. Here are just a few examples:

1. Take a cooking class.

Sur La Table has an amazing variety of courses across the country. You can learn everything from making pasta from scratch, to baking holiday cookies, to making a traditional Indian dish, and more.

2. Try Goat Yoga.

Yup. Why the hell not? It's the latest trend to hit the nation and a hilarious memory to share with your bestie for years to come. There are a ton of websites out there that will help you find a location near you.

3. Go see a motivational speaker.

Is Tony Robbins or Gary V coming to town? Maybe there is a plus-size conference you've been dying to go to. Grab tickets for the both of you to enjoy a day of inspiration and empowerment to share together.