How Gratitude and a Positive Mindset Changed My Life

It might sound hokey but it’s true: gratitude changed my life. The moment I decided to practice a more positive outlook and genuinely appreciate everything I have in the moment - my world began to change in unique and often beautiful ways.

Throughout my 20’s I showed up to every table with a snarky, negative attitude. While some thought it was hilarious others found it polarizing. It took me many years, but I learned that my attitude and lack of gratitude was the source of what was keeping me stuck. I was more than ready to take my life to the next level, I just didn’t know how to get there.

The Universe placed a curve in my path that inevitably set me on the right course for my life. After a cut-throat career in Manhattan, I was swiftly laid off from my big city job and was sent packing back home to my parent's house in Maryland. Over the next several years, I rebuilt my life and cultivated a few new dreams. I wanted to have a successful career, a balanced personal life, a positive mind, a healthy body, a home to call my own, a rockin side business, true love, and support to keep it juggling forever.

I quickly became a master at the CAREER portion of my life, because that was where I was comfortable putting all my time and energy. I knew how to market my skill and I was confident in my talents. Just 6 months after getting laid off, I relaunched my career and after a few years of really putting in my time I was able to buy my very own condo. A huge goal crossed off my list. It seemed like all the pieces were coming together. However, at that time I didn't realize that I was still harboring resentment and negativity which was blocking blessings in other areas of my life.

In 2018, I realized that there was more than just a few things missing. I had climbed pretty high on the corporate ladder - check! But what about all the other important aspects of my life? Looking in the mirror, I didn't recognize myself. My BODY was certainly neglected as late night fast food runs were the dinner norm. My MIND was a mess; I was always mentally and emotionally exhausted. And CONNECTION, well .. forget it. Did anyone ever really have time for dating and friends anyway? I was fed up and burnt out.

I had no idea where to turn; a void that would eventually become the inspiration for Curves Ahead. During that time the body positivity movement was red hot. Women from around the world were standing up for injustices when it came to their bodies and roles in society. I was continuously bombarded with a term called "self love" and when I learned more about it I found that I needed a huge dose of it.

So, I decided to coin my experience a “self love journey.”

I went to work on collecting all the self help resources I could get my hands on. It was overwhelming and I often went down a few wrong roads until I found avenues that really worked for me. The most significant thing I learned: the power of gratitude and positive thought work.

Once I harnessed those two key principals and made them a foundation of my search, all of the answers began to come. The right resources, experts and safe spaces started showing up like daisies in the spring time. All I had to do was pay attention to the little whispers sent my way and opportunities kept presenting themselves to me. Everyday, I was showing up to my life as an open-minded student to the Universe and I was ready to learn. Some lessons were difficult than others as I had to uncover some hard truths about myself but it ultimately lead me to real change and confidence.

If you're reading this, you just might be ready for real change too. Inside the Curves Ahead Membership Program I have put together a program that will give you concrete practices for you to live, love and lead the life you’re in right now.

It starts with being truly grateful for where you are and having a positive mindset that you're going to get where you need to be. I can't wait to share with you all that I've learned; let me help you on your own self-love journey.

Be sure to save your seat to become a member. Fill out the form on our main page to get updates for when the doors officially open:

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