plus size surprise at goodwill

When Goodwill Industries of Monocacy Valley, Inc. reached out to me to be a stylist for their upcoming Second Runway Show, on Thursday, May 10 at McClintock Distilling, I was excited to get to work with their marketing team of talented women.

With the runway show being so close to our Curves Ahead launch, I asked if I could invite a few of my models and specifically pull looks for them. When I got the okay and set everything up - I started to get worried. Would Goodwill have a stylish selection of plus sizes? I truly didn't know and I am not going to lie - panic was setting in.

Now, I am going to be honest with you (and for those that don't know me, honesty is my biggest policy). I am not a typical Goodwill shopper. I love my designer retail stores ..and outlet spots, especially the ones that are well known for their curvy girl threads. However, I am always game for trying new things but this one seemed like it might be a bit of a challenge. So, yes - I was worried, but also intrigued.

I collected shirts, pants and dress sizes from my models and I went into the experience with a game plan. From what I knew of Goodwill's store model - it's similar to a Marshalls or a Ross in which you have to take the time to dig. I was going to search the racks for the sizes I needed (and any accessories that caught my eye) and not stress about the outfits fitting together just yet.

And boy was I pleasantly surprised. I filled up my cart three separate times with sizes ranging from 18 to 26. Holy crap! As I was pulling, I was noticing the labels - Dressbarn, Torrid, Lane Bryant, Ashely Stewart, Loft ... and many, many more.

Once I had pulled as much as I possibly could, I hung all the pieces on one rack and started putting outfits together and was finding endless possibilities. Here's a sneak peak of some of the looks below.

Then I went for one more swing around the store to try to figure out how I could complete my looks. I wanted my girls to standout on the runway and for the audience to be able to identify my pulls from the other stylists. That's when I found a huge selection of adorable chain strap purses. Each model headed down the runway on May 10 will have a corresponding purse - my signature trademark. You all know, I love handbags.

Be sure to come out for the show on Thursday, May 10 in Frederick! Support our Curves Ahead models and check out the rest of my looks on the runway.

Ciao for now!

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