Take Ownership of the Holidays with Courage, Confidence and Consistency

Did you blink? Well, we all must have because it's already Thanksgiving.

We recently sat down with our MIND + BODY guru, and co-Founder, Tina Fraley, to ask her all your burning questions about the holiday season. This is typically a difficult time of year for most people when it comes to sticking to healthy routines and keeping a positive mindset through the holiday stress.

Here are our biggest takeaways from our Q&A with Tina. You can also watch the entire interview in the video below.

1. How do you stay motivated with health and fitness during the holiday season?

It starts with realizing that its not always going to come down to the motivation factor. Instead, I choose to look at the situation as stepping into my courage and showing up in my life the way I want.

My advice is to stop focusing on motivation and start focusing on your courage, confidence and consistency. If you are constantly looking for motivation to exercise or eat healthy, you're spending your energy on seeking the answers rather than fulfilling your purpose.

Have the courage to show up to your life and set your own goals. Recognize that confidence is the thing you need to keep those goals in motion and consistency is going to help you each day to push through any obstacles. You know the healthy routines that work for you and you have all the solutions already, you just have to decide to keep them top of mind.

2. The holidays are different this year due to the pandemic and I am disappointed about it, how can I change my mindset?

It's a total reset. We have to reset our intention, focus and expectations. We can't go into this season with the same expectations that we did last year. We are dealing with a pandemic which is a totally new situation that we have never been through before. To be honest, it comes down to a choice every single day. We have to seek the positive thoughts and practice them. To be honest, once you start practicing a more positive mindset, you realize pretty quickly that it just feels better to live in that frame of mind instead of worrying all the time.

One of the silver linings that you can adopt this year is that we are not going to all of the obligational parties and gatherings. We won't be tempted by all the usual abundance of holiday foods. Why not take advantage of that and decide what it is YOU really want to enjoy? Make your favorite dish intentionally or start a new tradition. Take ownership of the day and plan it the way you want to. If you hate making turkey - then don't do it this year! It really is all up to you.

3. How do I deal with food pushers? What can I say to get them off my back?

It's totally okay to set a boundary for yourself. You can say, "Thank you for wanting me to enjoy myself and I love that you made this dish for me. I am not having any more right now because I am full." It's important to own the feeling and communicate it.

You have to take ownership of your life and your choices. The only way to do that is through courage, confidence and consistency.

Happy Holidays, Curves Ahead Tribe!

Watch the full interview with Melissa & Tina below:

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