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"this is" birthday pressure

Updated: Apr 8, 2018

I am not sure where the whole “This is [insert how old you are]” got started, but I’ve seen it pop up constantly over my social media feeds for the past few years.

Some people use it as a challenge to get really amazing pictures of themselves hiking, traveling and crossing things off their bucket list. Others post about their achievements like buying a home, getting a promotion or having a baby.

And then there are others.. - like me - that throw on a ridiculous sombrero at a cheesy Mexican restaurant, take a shot of tequila and have your best friend capture the moment.

Yep. This is 29, folks.

Now, lets just back up to a few weeks ago when I was contemplating how to sum up this birthday with a picture. I’ve fallen victim to the “This is” pressuring movement in the past.

A few years ago, I posted this picture of me sitting in my newly bought condo. What a an amazing feat that was to share!

How about my 22nd birthday captured eating tiramisu while studying abroad in Venice, Italy? Talk about a trip of a lifetime. And this was even before I knew I was being pressured to take amazing birthday pictures.

Here’s another one ringing in my 27th birthday in Vegas with all the amazing women in my family (that’s a story for another time). This was a bucket list trip, for sure.

So the pressure was on. This is the last year of my 20’s after all - how do you sum up an entire decade in one shot? Well all I knew was this past year was tiring; I had switched jobs and was dealing with homeowner realities (like purchasing new appliances). Honestly, my creative juices and urge to “do it up big” had run out.

In the end, I figured the best way to tackle it was just to let it come naturally. And when I saw the sombrero picture after a fun night of laughter and margaritas shared with family and friends; I thought well this is definitely real life and a bit hilarious - so for me, that’s perfect.

My 20’s have been a roller coaster of emotions and experiences. It’s a bit bittersweet to think that I’ll be entering into a new decade next year, but I can only imagine the adventures I’ll have in my 30’s. From what I've heard, those years tend to feel a bit more steady for the most part and #adulting is not so scary anymore, because you’ve done it + survived.

I am all about setting goals, achieving big dreams and sharing those accomplishments, but we have to stop putting so much pressure on ourselves to do those things at certain ages or stages of our lives. Let's vow to let go and have some fun.

Remember, sometimes you just have to let life come at you in its rawest form - like with a shot of strong patron and a missing lime.