Free yourself from self doubt, so you can step out in front of your business to promote your passion & tell your unique story. Make your dreams happen without wasting any more time.

Self Love 101:

For Small Business Owners

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After years of helping Fortune 500/1000 companies promote their businesses and brands I recognized that the most successful campaigns were always the ones that spotlighted the people behind the scenes. I started to make it a regular practice to build public relations strategies that included telling the stories of the people that founded the company or the experts that were on the team. 


So, when I began working with women small business owners through Curves Ahead, I was surprised to find that this tactic was quickly met with major resistance. And to be honest, I realized that I had also been guilty of it too. It is really scary to post pictures/videos of yourself and step out in front to talk directly to your audience. It is much easier to think that if the work is stellar, references are impeccable and customer service is on point that the business will grow.  Well, I am here to tell you that those assumption are wrong. 

When a business owner demonstrates thought leadership in their field it solidifies their expertise, builds credibility and trust with their customers. 

This first Master Class is an essential tool if you want to learn from me or work with me as your Coach. I have so many amazing topics and resources to provide to you that will move you forward, but I can't help you in your journey if you don't understand self love at its core. 

This is important. You must start with embracing your self love journey and be willing to step out of your comfort zone to promote your passion or craft your career. 


During this class you will carve out time for YOURSELF, you will uncover what's really holding you back in your career or business, you will track a course to guide you even on the tough days, and you will begin to set attainable goal posts up for your biggest dreams. 

You might be thinking, Melissa, I have a lot to accomplish and this course seems like I'll be waisting my time and energy. 

Let me put it to you this way: if you don't have the essentials to survive as a human- like water, food, and a safe shelter - it's tough to focus on anything else. The same thing happens when you try to go after tough goals and you don't come from a place of self love.


You can't focus because you don't have survival nailed down.

Throughout our time together, I'll be sharing my own personal stories with you and giving you insights on how I crafted my self love journey which went on to help me get to the next level in my career, start my very own business and chart a targeted course for my biggest life dreams. 

My promise to you is that you will go from feeling stuck, frustrated, or unworthy to empowered by building true self compassion and curating your own roadmap.

For 4 weeks, I'll be with you every step of the way to help you define your own self love journey, map out new goals and get you prepared to navigate all the curves ahead. 

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From Coach Melissa's Desk:


What's Inside the Master Class?

Module One

Practicing Self Love in Your Business & Embracing Your Unique Story

When we don't prioritize self love in our professional lives, we end up measuring "good enough" benchmarks that erode at our self worth like how many followers we have or the one negative comment a customer uttered.

Running around trying to be worthy and please everyone is exhausting and often leaves us depleted. Without self love, opportunities quickly arise for unhealthy habits like self-destructive patterns, people-pleasing,  sabotage. 

You'll dig deeper into where you currently are in your journey and how to set up healthier measurements.

Highlights in this Module include: 

  • What self love is and isn't 

  • Why we all struggle 

  • How to make self love a priority every day 

  • How it can change your life and impact your goals 

  • How to start where you are 

  • Learn the importance of being vulnerable and honest with yourself 

  • How to schedule time for yourself 

  • Preparing a game plan for the tough days

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Module Two

Releasing Self Doubt & Building Your Confidence As a Business Owner 

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Coach Melissa

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Welcome, Girl Boss! 
Your journey
starts today.

Have you ever replayed a past mistake in your mind and have felt utter embarrassment right there in the present moment? The mistake could have happened 20 years ago, yet it feels like it happened yesterday. 

Well, your mind can play dirty tricks on you if you aren't careful which can lead you to feeling stuck in your insecurities. 

In the process of crafting your self love journey you have to start analyzing how you treat yourself. 

As we start to let go of self doubt, we make room for the good stuff and we must practice to make it a habit.  As you begin to build positive self talk, recognize your gifts and strengths, you'll have the ability to love and appreciate yourself. 

That's when real doors of opportunity open.


Highlights in this Module include: 

  • How to quiet your inner critic or gremlin 

  • How to recognize your triggers 

  • Learn the power of 'thought work' 

  • Evaluate your daily messages and how to make them more positive 

  • Learn the importance of gratitude and how to practice it in a meaningful way 

  • How to build your support team 

  • How to explore who you are and what's important to you. 

Module Three

Realizing Your Dreams & Envisioning Your Future 

Are you the type of person that loves making a vision board at the start to a New Year? 

If yes, then I have to ask - how many times throughout the year do you look at it or make modifications?

Yep, you read right - modifications. 

Just like our lives, our dreams can be flexible and fluid too. You might even find that dreams that you have held onto for decades have totally dissipated and that's okay. 

In this Module, we will give you the permission to analyze your dreams and explore new ones.

While this all sounds great, it can be really difficult to go with the flow when dreams are interrupted due to forced change or missed opportunities. That's why we have to always be analyzing the trajectory.


In this module you'll learn: 

  • Learn my favorite tool - dreamscaping 

  • How to get really good at managing your own expectations 

  • How to focus on flow rather than force

  • Learn how to set boundaries in your life so that you can make your dreams possible 

  • Map out your 'future self' and show up as her every day


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Module Four

Setting Attainable Goals & Crushing Them With Accountability 

Okay, this is where it really gets good.


In this Module, it's time to tie up everything you've learned over the course of 4 weeks and put some attainable goals on the board. 


Now, you might be wondering - what constitutes 'attainable'?  That's a great question. Many of us don't accomplish our goals because we are unrealistic about what's possible when we set them.


We will explore how to make sure that you're not setting yourself up for failure and I'll show you how you can gut check yourself every single time you set a new goal!  

You'll also have the opportunity to experience a group coaching session, where we will talk about everything we've learned, go over our 'Action Items' together and learn the importance of accountability to attain our dreams in our career, business and life!

We will also talk about how to acquire accountability as you wrap up the course, so you can keep those goals in motion. 

In this module you'll learn: 

  • How to set attainable goals

  • How to measure your progress

  • How to break your 'motivation' habit 

  • The importance of accountability and how to find it 

  • What's it like to participate in a group coaching session 

Class Begins On
December 5, 2021


What's included in your purchase? 

you'll receive the following with your purchase of the Master Class: 

The Resources

Screen Shot 2021-09-29 at 5.10.29 PM.png
"Self-Love Workbook for Women
Release Self-Doubt, Build Self-Compassion,
and Embrace Who You Are," by Megan Logan
"Loving What Is: Four Questions That Can Change Your Life," by Byron Katie
A One Hour Virtual Group Coaching Session with Melissa and Your Class (a value of $120)

BONUS: The first 12 women to sign up will also get a personal invite to an in-person wine night in Maryland 

**Note: I do not own the rights to these books. The books will be purchased directly from the seller and will be mailed to class participants. The class will utilize these resources as a supplement to unique and original online teachings.**


How Do I Access the Class and When Does it Begin?

  • Class is 4 weeks long and begins on December 5, 2021  

  • You will receive login details to access the online course a week prior to the start date

  • Each Module has corresponding videos from Coach Melissa 

  • The resources for the course will be sent directly to your home address and email 

  • You'll also gain access to a closed Facebook group to meet your classmates and follow along virtually

  • At the end of the 4 weeks, you'll join your classmates for a LIVE virtual group coaching session

  • Pre-Registration opens mid-November and the cost of the class is $98